My name is Jan Harrison and if you’re interested in exploring the possibility of improving your life by making changes in your handwriting, then this website might just have something of interest to you.

Improving certain aspects of your personality by changing certain aspects of your handwriting is actually nothing new, even though it is still little understood.
There have been quite a few books written on the subject of Graphotherapy over the years and many examples of its success.
As a practising Graphologist for over 25 years, it is an aspect of Handwriting Analysis which has interested me and fascinated me, in equal measure, for many years and it is my mission to de-mystify the whole wonderful process of using Graphology as a therapeutic tool for self-improvement.
If ‘we are what we write’ then surely if we don’t like certain aspects of our character, we can look to changing the corresponding Graphological trait, to a form that represents a more positive interpretation of that trait. Far-fetched? Not really – not if you have an open enough mind to even consider the possibility by trying it out for yourself.
I reckon it is possible to improve a person’s self-confidence, self-motivation, willpower, mood and communication skills among other personality traits. But note I say ‘improve’ and the person HAS to want to make the improvements 100%.
The reason I feel so sure about the process is that I actually applied Graphotherapy to myself over 25 years ago, when I first started to study the subject – but I didn’t realise it had a name at the time or that it actually existed.

What is Graphology?

Graphology is the scientific art of determining  a person’s character by examining their handwriting and I have been a practising Graphologist for over 25 years’ now. Until recently I’ve specialised in the ‘lighter’ side of the subject doing’on-the-spot’ analyses for all types of events and my other website  www.graphojan.co.uk tells this story.  

What is Graphotherapy?

Graphotherapy differs according to the therapist. I have come up with my own system based upon what I believe to be of therapeutic value. I found personally that changing certain aspects of my handwriting improved my confidence and I also find that writing certain positive mantras and sayings help to maintain my positive outlook on life. Mix in a bit of mindfulness, journaling and cosmic ordering and it can all help to reduce stress, improve mood and improve self-confidence.

Go to my pages on Pen Zen and Empowerwriteing for more information.

Graham Norton

"She's good old Jan isn't she?"

— Graham Norton

"...this is incredibly accurate. Are you sure she didn't know who it was?"

— Zoe Ball

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